I need you to join me on my journey.

Words cannot describe how much I appreciate your support and generosity. Your donations help my family cover some of my medical expenses, including ongoing therapy, private treatments, and funding of clinical trials at Sick Kids Hospital.

My name is Leia Luna Fallico, and I am 3 years old. I was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Dyskeratosis Congenita, which causes bone marrow failure. My blood levels continue to drop and I urgently need a stem cell transplant. Unfortunately, none of the worldwide stem cell registries have a donor that matches me, and this is due to the fact that I am of mixed ethnicity. (Italy, Iran, Ireland & Scotland). If a compatible donor is not found I cannot receive the treatment I desperately need.

YOU COULD BE MY MATCH! Becoming a stem cell donor is FREE and EASY. Please join a Stem Cell Registry.

Leia Luna Fallico

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Your stem cells are bored, swab the world: become a donor

Ever imagined what’s going on in your body? Turns out your stem cells are eager to go on an adventure and do some good. Help them find their way by becoming a donor today.

Your stem cells are bored, swab the world

There are three ways to help


Spreading the news.

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Mixed ethnicity donors.

Approximately 3.5 percent of Canadians are of mixed ethnic background and we need to swab more people.

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Donations raised.

All donations will be used to cover the costs of my transplant surgery, therapy sessions and additional costs when a donor is matched.

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Stem cell transplantation offers hope

Register today and lets make a difference in the life of someone waiting for a stem cell transplant. Men and ethnically diverse individuals aged 17-35 are needed to help patients in Canada, and around the world.

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Donor Guidelines

Who is eligible?

You can register to donate stem cells if you are between the ages of 17–35, meet the health requirements and are willing to donate to any patient in need. Donated stem cells from younger donors provide better patient outcomes and stem cells from male donors decrease the possibility of post-transplant complications.

There is also a great need for volunteer donors from diverse ethnic backgrounds because patients are more likely to find a match with a donor who shares their ethnic background.

You do not meet the eligibility requirements if you have any of the following health conditions: cancer, blood-related diseases or disorders, insulin-dependent diabetes, heart-related illnesses and infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS or hepatitis B and C.

Find out if you are eligible by completing the registration questionnaire.

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